This post doesn't contain advice and isn't much to do with Autism. It is an appreciation post for some wonderful human beings which I am blessed to have in my life. Let's start from the beginning. On my first day at nursery I met Lauren. Since then we have grown-up together sharing all our obsessions …

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Our Muggle.

My family is unique. It is unique due to the fact my Dad, my younger brother and I all have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This leaves just my Mum as the only neurotpical. Instead of using the term ' neurotypical' we prefer to refer to Mum as our Muggle. My Mum is the …

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CBC Radio interview

Earlier this week CBC radio in Canada asked if I would share my thoughts on Morrisons' quiet hour for a segment on their show. If you would like to give the interview a listen please click here.

Morrisons quiet hour

Morrisons - one of the leading supermarket chains in England - announced last week that they plan to enforce a weekly 'quiet hour' into their stores nation-wide. This will take please each week on a Saturday between the hours of 9 am and 10 am. Morrisons have issued a statement to list what their quiet …

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Catching some Zzz’s

I have always struggled with sleep - my Mum says I was a nightmare baby/child. I never slept when I was supposed to; always coming alive at night. My body clock is unpredictable and does not like to schedule itself to my needs. I have a constant struggle to get to sleep at night. I …

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The term ‘Aspergers’

There has been a lot of discussion amongst the Autistic community recently regarding the groundbreaking contributor to the understanding of Autism - Hans Asperger. It has been unearthed that the man - which the term Aspergers is named after - was an active participant in the Nazi euthanasia regime. A study paper has been released …

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Your Autism Magazine (vol 52 – No 2 . Summer 2018)

I have recently received my first issue of the quarterly, Your Autism Magazine created by the National Autistic Society. It is brilliant and contains some very helpful, informative articles. I thought in this post I would provide my own opinion on some of the subjects covered in the Summer 2018 issue. Page 4 - PIP …

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